Speak To Camera - Introduction

How To Speak to The Camera and Talk To The World | taught by John Keedwell

Course description

In 2004, if I were to tell you that you can have your own TV channel with any content you like to transmit, and it was FREE to you, you probably wouldn't have believed me.

If I had also said within a few years almost everyone will have a HD video camera to shoot videos in their pockets. It will also have a High Definition viewer built in.

2004 was a year before You Tube arrived. Look how video has revolutionised how we can communicate. Yet as the technology marches on the fact is most people do not like their image on video camera, so they will avoid the experience. Some say it is actually worse than death..

I am here to change that for you.

I noticed many famous people also have the same issues around cameras, some quite surprising examples. So I developed a system to make the production of video as simple and pain free as possible.

If you have a solution to a problem, customers will pay you well. yet how do they find you if you are the other side of the World?


Find customers, help solve their problems and help other people, and they will pay you well. The beauty is the video can do it for you when it is completed it runs whenever its needed, even when you are sleeping..

This short course is an introduction to the mindset of speaking to camera. I can show you the full process how to make online courses in my main course.

I hope to see you there.


John Keedwell

John Keedwell
John Keedwell
Senior Instructor

  • 33+ years as Cinematographer.
  • Worked in 69 Countries.
  • 5 Continents.
  • Over 3,000 interviews.
  • Specialist in High Speed Video
  • Travelled the World: North to South ...and also East To West.
  • Temperatures -35C to +55C
  • Travelled across the Sahara desert....Twice. Once in a fire engine.
  • BAFTA voting member
  • International Speaker
  • Author of 2 books