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Share Your Passion Or Business To The World By Speaking To A Video Camera | taught by John Keedwell

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Share your story

Maybe you are already aware of the power of public speaking for your business and positioning within your community.

Perhaps you are already a celebrated speaker, yet when you try to get record yourself on a video camera away from the stage or group setting it all seems to turn out differently?

  • Perhaps you don't like the way you look or sound when the video is played back?
  • Perhaps you feel you appear a little heavier than you see yourself every day in real life?
  • Perhaps you have decided to stop making videos because of these common issues?

If that's the case it's a real shame, as your video messages can be seen by potential clients around the globe, even whilst you sleep.

If you have a message, product or service other people will benefit from it would be unwise to not show it to them.

Well, the great news is these common issues and misconceptions about video can all be overcome, boosting your online presence and sales at the same time.

There are really simple, low cost ways to nail your message in videos that really gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Does that sound like something you are looking for?


That tells me that you have a story to share.

Well, whilst you have a story to share with a wider audience, I'd love to hear it.

I'd really love to find out more about what you are up to.

Join the course and you will be able to share your message or business ideas to the World.

And let's see where it can take you.

I would love to help you deliver your confident video message that will catapult your business and following on a global level.

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John Keedwell

John Keedwell
John Keedwell
Senior Instructor

  • 33+ years as Cinematographer.
  • Worked in 69 Countries.
  • 5 Continents.
  • Over 3,000 interviews.
  • Specialist in High Speed Video
  • Travelled the World: North to South ...and also East To West.
  • Temperatures -35C to +55C
  • Travelled across the Sahara desert....Twice. Once in a fire engine.
  • BAFTA voting member
  • International Speaker
  • Author of 2 books


Course Curriculum

2-1 How we see ourselves
2-2 Stage and Camera - The Black Circle Of Glass
2-3 State and Warming Up
MODULE 3 - You Look And Sound Great!
MODULE 4 - On the day of the shoot -Then Post Production
4-1 What To Wear and How to Keep on Track

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Clean, professional, simple

by P Ibe

Clean, professional, simple

by P Ibe